Home birth

Here we answer some common questions about home birth to help you make an informed decision.
This article looks at how to arrange a home birth through NHS midwives, your GP or with an independent midwife.
Here we provide information on how to prepare for a home birth including items you may need during and after labour.
Midwives usually provide all care for women who plan a home birth but we look at all your options for support here.
This article discusses how to help your partner feel confident about a home birth if they have uncertainties or concerns about it.
Here we look at the research surrounding home birth and the evidence about benefits and risks for women and their babies.
Midwives have a range of pain relief options available for home births. Read about your options here.
Here we look at how complications are dealt with at a home birth if they occur, and what care you can expect.
Getting your older children involved and ready for a new addition to the family is important, as well as deciding on the practicalities of having them around during a home birth.