Midwife-led units and birth centres

What is birth like at a midwife-led unit or birth centre and what factors do you need to consider?
Where you have your baby can affect many aspects of your birth experience. Here we look at your options and how you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.
Find out what options you have for giving birth in your area
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Your main provider of antenatal care as well as postnatal care will be your midwife. Read on to learn more about midwifery, the pregnancy care you can receive, midwife...
If you are expecting more than one baby, this article will help you understand your birth options, including planning for vaginal or caesarean birth.
What are independent midwives and how do they provide pregnancy care, support in birth and assistance in the early days? Discover their role and relationships with the NHS.
If you have had a caesarean birth the options remain open for the birth of your next baby. Most women who choose ‘VBAC’ have a successful vaginal birth. Find out more in our...
What’s the best way to arrange to use a birth pool in labour? Read our article for more information on arranging a home or hospital water birth.
This article provides practical information about preparing for a water birth, and discusses setting up a pool and what equipment you might need.
Water is an effective source of pain relief in labour. Read our introduction to water in labour and birth, including birth pools and other ways of using water in labour.