There are lots of decisions to make about how and where to give birth. NCT provides accurate and impartial information so you can decide what’s best for you.

Here, we have articles about having a home birth and water birth as well as what happens at a birthing centre and hospital. We also look at the role of birth partners, how to prepare for birth and the stages of labour.

As the UK's largest charity for parents, we can also introduce you to a network of local parents through our events and courses.

Most popular topics

Birth support

Birth partners can play an important role during labour and birth. Find out more about your options here.

Guide to labour

What happens during labour and what can you expect and prepare for? Read about each stage of labour here.

The birth of your baby

Find out more about birth here from encouraging your baby into a good position for birth to preparing for a caesarean.

Home birth

This section provides useful articles about home birth from safety to what you might need.