After the birth of your baby

How you feel after the birth of your baby, will depend a lot on your birth experience. Here we look at what you might expect post-birth in terms of your recovery.

After your baby is born

Hormones have an important role to play in labour and birth. Here we discuss what changes may affect you.
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The third stage of labour is the time after you have given birth to your baby and during which you deliver the placenta and clamp the umbilical cord.
This article answers common questions on using a birth pool during labour, including what happens when the baby is born in the water, and situations when you may have to get out.
The first hour following the birth of your baby's placenta is often known as the fourth stage of labour. It is a very special time for you and your baby.
Midwives usually provide all care for women who plan a home birth but we look at all your options for support here.
What is stillbirth and what causes it? Read our article to find out what is known about this painful experience.
This article discusses how to help your partner feel confident about a home birth if they have uncertainties or concerns about it.
Here we look at what may happen after a stillbirth and what support and information is available to parents.
Here we look at the research surrounding home birth and the evidence about benefits and risks for women and their babies.