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Welcome to the Aberconwy and Colwyn branch!


llandudno pier

I gael y wybodaeth yn Gymraeg cliciwch YMA. For the Information in Welsh, please click HERE.

The branch is run by local volunteer parents for other parents and parents to be, offering support, information and friendship. We offer a range of help and activities and look forward to meeting you. Please click here to see how you can get involved!

There are pages on the right for our Facebook and Twitter accounts which have a live feed of all posts for members who do not have access to Facebook and/or Twitter. Any last minute changes to events can be found there.

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Baby Changing and Feeding Facilities - Ymuno Festival 2014

We will be at Ymuno between the 4th and 6th July offering a clean, dry space to feed your child and change any dirty nappies etc. Look out for the NCT Banner!

Nearly New Sale**Sales awarded Gold Standard!**

We run three sales a year, selling good quality baby and children’s clothing, equipment and toys. The sales are an ideal way to sell on your children’s used things and we always need enthusiastic volunteers to get involved. For more information contact Karen, see our NNS Facebook page  or join our Nearly New Sale Mailing List.

Antenatal Classes 

Run locally – get information and advice, meet other parents due to have babies around the same time as you. Depending on your circumstances, you could book a programme of antenatal classes for as little at £10! We offer a 11-15 hour courses, although shorter courses can be arranged. You can find out more about discounted rates here. For more information contact our antenatal teacher Hannah by phone on 01492 540471 or by email.

To find an antenatal class near to you, click on the 'List All Courses for This Branch' link to the right of this page or use the search for antenatal classes on this website please use the DISTANCE filter to find courses in the Conwy area! Our classes will have a minimum of 4 couples for each course, This unique setting helps you to get one to one support to prepare for your birth, ask all the questions you need to and get to know other parents-to-be locally due at the same time as you.

To book one of these courses contact nicola Bazeley on telephone 0844 243 6969 or email bookings2c@nct.org.uk.

Open Houses

There is usually an Open House event most weeks somewhere within our region (currently predominantly along the coast between Rhuddlan and Llanfairfechan). A member hosts a session and can hold it for whatever age group is most appropriate for them - Babies, Toddlers or all ages.

 It’s very informal, with coffee and possibly some cake and lots of chat for the adults and play for the small people. It’s a good way to make friends and can be a lifesaver.

You can meet other parents with children of a range of ages, learn from their wisdom (and their mistakes) and get out of the house and have an adult conversation. All are welcome: bumps, babies, toddlers, children and parents.

Prams on the Prom

We are currently looking for new volunteers to restart our Prams on the Prom event. It could be run on whatever day/time is convenient to the hosts and does not need to be at the same location, it could move to 1 new location or be shared between different hosts.

Please email aberconwyenquiries@nct.org.uk if you would like to get involved.

 *New * Bumps & Babies

We now have TWO bumps and babies groups.

Primarily aimed at pregnant ladies and those with younger babies, Bumps & Babies is a fab place to meet other parents, get information and support and just get out of the house for a while! It could be a good starting point if you are nervous about going to an open house or intimidated by the toddler group circuit.


For more information, please email aberconwyenquiries@nct.org.uk or see our Facebook page.

Dads Night Out

We have a monthly pub night for dads, which is held at The Albion in Conwy (Good selection of real ale, lager, cider, wine & spirits) This is a traditional pub with no tv, games machines or jukebox. Come along for a nice pint and a chance to have a chat (moan) with other dads who are in similar situation. Contact Elgan for details or see the Facebook group.

Breastfeeding support **Our Qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor and New Peer Supporters are here to help you!!**

We are delighted to announce that we have a qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor in the branch - Amy de Silva - who is able to provide mother to mother support over the telephone to both members and non-members. You can contact Amy at 01286 872 273 . Amy is a volunteer working from home with a young family - she will do her best to support you, but please bear this in mind when you contact her.

We can also can offer support, information and shared experience as well through our new group of volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporters - find out more here!

We can also recommend breastfeeding friendly venues and support groups in the area. Conwy Council has produced a leaflet highlighting breast feeding friendly premises in the county.

For the latest sale information, click here.


Aberconwy & Colwyn contacts

Main branch contact:
Tel: 0844 243 6026 | Email: aberconwyenquiries@nct.org.uk

Next event

Date: Fri, 08/08/2014 - 13:00 | Venue: United Reform Church - Rhos on Sea