Nearly New Sales

Our branch’s Nearly New Sales have been awarded the Gold Standard. This accolade recognises that the branch’s Sales are among the best in the UK, both in terms of providing a valuable service for new and expectant parents and achieving fantastic fundraising success for NCT charity.

Rosette for Gold Standard

We hold four Nearly New Sales each year, where you can get some great bargains, sell your children’s old (but good condition) toys and clothes and help support the NCT too!

We sell newborn and children’s clothes, maternity wear, toys and equipment (such as prams and cots).

Our sales are held at North Holmwood Village Hall, Spook Hill, North Holmwood, RH5 4JP.

NCT members get priority entry at 10am, bring your NCT membership card with you to gain advance entrance.  Without a membership card, you will have to wait until 10:15am for general entrance. If you volunteer to help for more than 2 hrs at the sale you get the opportunity to shop before the sale opens! Its a great perk and anyone can volunteer to help at the sales. Contact to register to sell or volunteer at our next sale!


2014 Sales

  • Saturday 8th February 2014
  • Saturday 12th April 2014
  • Saturday 20th September 2014
  • Saturday 15th November 2014

2015 Sales

  • Saturday 7th February 2015
  • Saturday 18th April 2015
  • Saturday 19th September 2015
  • Saturday 14th November 2015




Sellers: See related documents on the right hand side for the form you need to download in order to register as a seller.

Anyone can sell items at the sale (you do not have to be a member of the NCT).  All items must be nearly new, complete and in good condition.

We do not accept for safety reasons, the following items:-

  • Recalled items (see information about recalls on RAPEX:
  • Bag style baby slings
  • Car seats, car booster seats, ’Isofix’ bases or car seats from travel systems (see note in pram/pushchair section)
  • Riding hats or crash helmets
  • Children’s outer garments with a draw string hood
  • Bottles, baby food & formula milk
  • Second-hand breast pumps
  • Mains powered electrical equipment or toys (unless tested and approved by a qualified electrician
  • Mattresses (excluding travel cot mattresses)
  • Pedal cycles (if saddle height is more than 635mm)
  • Cosmetics (unless unopened, originally for sale in the UK and before the use by date)
  • Upholstered furniture (unless with the permanent label “Carelessness Causes Fire”)
  • Carrycot stands (unless labelled with size and weight loadings, with a guard rail, suitable base, instructions and a maximum height of 432mm).

Can you help?  We can always use help in the following ways:-

Putting up some leaflets publicising the sale in your area - please contact us and let us know how many and we will send them to you - we will need your name and address.
Bag Stuffing - this is preparing goody bags a few days in advance of the sale, ready to be given to all customers on the door.  We get together at someone's house to do this.  Many hands make light work. If you help at the bag stuffing you also gain early entry to the sale at 9.45am to shop prior to opening one of the perks of helping out!
Cakes - can you bake a cake and bring it along for refreshments.
Can you help on the day of the sale?  Helpers get 15 minutes of priority shopping time before the sale, plus can sell big equipment at zero commission, if they help for minimum 3 hours.
Donations - If you donate clothes/equipment/toys to the organising team for us to sell on the NCT’s behalf, 100% of the money raised goes to branch to assist with our fundraising.

Sellers' Noticeboard

We are trialling a notice board of items for sale, which will be prominently displayed at our Nearly New Sale.
This can be used for any individual items but we specifically recommend it for things that are too big to bring to the sale (garden slide, sandpits, etc) or for items that fall outside the remit of an NCT sale (electrical equipment, carseats, etc).
All items sold through the notice board will constitute a private sale.  The NCT accepts no responsibility for any complaints about goods sold this way or any other problems between the buyer and seller.
To advertise on the notice board, please submit an advertisement up to A4 in size with a cheque for £5. (payable to NCT Dorking). For our records, please provide your name and contact details with any advertisement. No further commission is due, but we would hope you would consider donating a portion to the NCT.
A maximum of 4 items per advertisement.
All advertisements must clearly state "Any sale resulting from this advert will be a private arrangement between the advertiser and the purchaser, for which the NCT will not be responsible."
We recommend that you provide your contact details on tear-off strips on the bottom of your advertisement as well as putting them on the advertisement itself.  A clear photograph of each item will make it more eye-catching.  An example template may be found here.
Advertisements should be sent with your payment to Leith View, 7 The Street, Capel, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 5LD to be received at least 3 days prior to the sale date.
The advert will go onto the board exactly as you provide it so please make sure you check before you send!

If you are interested in helping at the sale, have any questions about selling your items or any other questions, please email