We have been campaigning for over 50 years - achieving change for new parents.

Our national campaigning work is based around the NCT 2010-2020 strategy that sets out our vision for ensuring that all parents are confident and supporting during their First 1,000 Days. We work closely with MPs and policy-makers to make sure they know about the work of our practitioners and branches, and to campaign for policies that will make life easier for new parents.

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Ending the parent penalty

Research by NCT, based on IPPR analysis, has found that government plans to limit annual increases to maternity and paternity pay to 1% will mean that by 2015 parents lose out by around £224. Ahead of the 2014 budget, we are calling on the government to end this parent penalty and raise maternity and paternity pay in line with the cost of living. 

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Tackling tongue-tie

We are concerned that a diagnosis of tongue-tie is often taking weeks or even months and the problem is not being picked up by health professionals. We're calling on the Government to take action by training more professionals to recognise and deal with the problem as current NHS treatment is often patchy and sometimes non-existent.

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