Baby health and development

Here we provide some tips to help prevent infections spreading and keep your child feeling well and healthy
Your baby will undergo several health checks aimed at detecting conditions or abnormalities. Here we look at postnatal screening and testing.
We look at common illnesses and how to care for a sick baby or toddler
Here we look at the signs, symptoms and possible consequences of developmental dysplasia of the hip, which affects between one and three per cent of newborns.
Here we look at baby immunisations and discuss the risks and benefits of immunisation to help you make an informed choice for your child.
Teething is a natural part of your baby’s growth and development. It can be painful for babies though so here we look at ways you can help and perhaps make tooth-brushing fun.
We look at the signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis and what to do if you think your child might be suffering from it
Here we look at baby reflux symptoms, and suggest ways to help.
Colic, or infant colic, is a common condition that affects as many as one in five babies. Here we look at what you can do to help your baby.
Find out about the benefits of getting outdoors for you and your children
All babies move and develop at a different pace. Here we explore the stages and see how parents can support their child’s development.
Here we look at life with your 3-6 month old. How might you be feeling, what changes can you expect and what support is available?