Dad's view: parenting

With a newborn baby there is always something to be done and there are lots of ways that you can help and also bond with your baby.
Here we look at what you might thinking about in the early days with your baby and how to support your partner.
Bringing up a child involves learning new skills and different ways of thinking. This article outlines what you can expect in the early days.
This article looks at how dads and partners can support feeding in the early days.
Resuming your sex life after having a baby may take time. This article outlines what you and your partner might experience.
Becoming a parent involves large shifts in your lifestyle. This article suggests ways in which you can juggle your time.
Here we look at what you might want to think about when it comes to your finances and becoming a parent.
From next year, new parents will have the right to Shared Parental Leave. What is this new right and how do you apply for it?
This article outlines paternity rights and provides information for parents about paternity leave.
What is flexible working and how do you request it?
Every parent is entitled to parental leave. This article explains what it is and what your entitlements are.
Having a baby is a life changing experience for both new mums and dads. This article discusses the effects of postnatal depression on dads and suggests ways to find help.