Dad's view: pregnancy

The prospect of fatherhood can be daunting. Dads-to-be can experience a wide range of thoughts, emotions and expectations when they receive the news.
The first trimester can be challenging for dads -to -be. Read about coming to terms with new responsibilities, lifestyle changes and worrying about your partner’s health.
Sex during pregnancy can be quite different. Changes in hormones, body shape and libido can mean mums and dads-to-be need time to adjust.
There will be lots for dads-to-be to think about in the second trimester including planning, attending antenatal classes and more.
In the third trimester of pregnancy the responsibilities of fatherhood come into focus. Discover the signs of labour and help to create a relaxing environment.
Writing a birth plan can be a shared responsibility. A dad-to-be can help by discussing what their partner wants when it comes to labour and birth, including pain relief.