Pregnancy and antenatal health

Use our simple pregnancy calculator to help you estimate your baby's due date.
The very early signs of pregnancy are not always clear so here we provide answers to some common questions.
During pregnancy, your body will change in different ways as well as the way you feel. This article outlines the most common signs of pregnancy.
Here we look at different myths about pregnancy and reveal whether they are fact or fiction.
Drugs taken in pregnancy can have an effect on your baby, whether they are prescription, over-the-counter, alternative or recreational. Find out more about what drugs to avoid.
Pregnant women are at greater risk of catching flu. Here we discuss symptoms, risks and the seasonal flu vaccine in pregnancy.
Which pregnancy symptoms are normal and which should you talk to your GP about?
Depression during pregnancy can be hard to recognise and accept. Find out more about the symptoms and treatment of antenatal depression.
Pain in the pelvis (pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction) is common in pregnancy, but can be treated. Find out how to minimise discomfort and get help here.
In the UK, about one pregnancy in every 2000-2500 is affected by vasa praevia. Here we explain this condition, and outline which mums and babies are more at risk.
Feeling scared about labour and birth is not unusual. Here we talk about common fears and the help available to overcome them.
Find out more about the effects of smoking during pregnancy. We look at stopping smoking when pregnant and outline what support is available.