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Here we look at the different types of baby carriers and slings that are available in the UK
We look at how to make sure you fit your child's car seat properly and helpful tips
Here we look at communication development in children and how you can support and encourage your child
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Ian was elected as a trustee in 2011 and is a member of the Audit and Risk and Nominations and Governance committees. He is also a Non-Executive Director of NCT Trading Ltd. Ian has one young child, and has found NCT immensely supportive since the birth...
We look at how children develop language and ways to help your child to talk
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NCT's response to the Royal College of Midwives' State of Maternity Services report
Find out about the benefits of getting outdoors for you and your children
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NCT looks at what to expect and prepare for in the first three months with your new baby – from feeding to bath time to sleep.
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Development There are lots of developmental changes at this stage. It is likely your baby will:  Start to walk unaided.  Start saying simple words, such as ‘dad’, ‘mum’, ‘dog’ and ‘cat’.  Point to things she likes.  Show a...
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Development Most children will have started to walk by now, and your child will be probably be doing some or all of the following:  Climbing on furniture Running Increasing her vocabulary and sometimes putting two words together (‘new shoes’ or ‘...
By 2020 NCT will reach 20 million new and expectant parents. Come to the 2020 tour and help us to make this goal possible.
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Between three and six months, your baby will become stronger and more mobile. This is an exciting time for both of you.
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This will be a busy time for you and your baby as she starts to explore the world of solid food and perhaps start teething.
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From that little bundle that seemed so helpless, your baby will suddenly become more independent – crawling and perhaps even saying their first words.
It's normal for women to experience some blood loss after birth. Here we outline what to expect in the first few weeks.
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NCT is part of the “A Midwife for Me and My Baby” campaign working with other charities and organisations to improve maternity care in the UK. The campaign, set up by NCT, the Association for Improvement in Maternity Services (AIMS), Association for...
NCT has teamed up with dog welfare charity Dogs Trust to help parents prepare their pet for the arrival of a new baby.
This article explains how breastmilk is produced by mum and its effect on breastfeeding.
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In section: About us
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