Become a Trustee

“You don’t have to be a hero or famous to change lives for the better – charity trusteeship allows you to do just that” - Charity Commission, 'The Essential Trustee'

Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running the Charity and ensuring that it acts in the best interests of all parents, as the Charity’s beneficiaries. The Board of Trustees:-

  • takes the big decisions about the future
  • set the right framework for the Charity’s paid staff, volunteers, NCT Practitioners, contractors and agencies, so that they can work together to achieve the Charity’s objectives
  • ensures the Charity complies with the law and with regulatory requirements
  • safeguards the Charity’s money, reputation, property and other assets

Trustees don’t run the Charity day-to-day – that’s the role of the paid staff, led by the Chief Executive (CEO). The Trustees set the strategic direction and hold the staff to account for the delivery of agreed plans and the efficient management of the Charity’s resources. The responsibility for day-to-day management is delegated to the CEO and through her, to staff and volunteers.

Trustees don’t work by themselves, but share collective responsibility as members of the Board of Trustees, the Charity’s governing body. The Board of Trustees works as a team - decisions must be taken by all the Trustees, acting together, in the interests of the Charity as a whole and of the Charity’s beneficiaries.

Being a Trustee is an important and rewarding role that will involve you taking a key part in shaping NCT’s future and ensuring it continues to meet parents’ needs. It will provide you with many opportunities for personal development – at the same time as you bring your skills and energy to the Charity’s work; you will also gain valuable new experience and knowledge. Experience as a charity Trustee is usually highly valued by employers and prospective employers.
Nominations for Trustees to join the Board have now closed.