NCT are undertaking a large, UK wide longitudinal two-year study to find out what life is like for a new parent in their First 1,000 days.


The First 1,000 Days as a parent is a unique and special time, and a period of great opportunity.  We understand that this is a critical time in a baby's development, which can bring challenges and worries for new parents. That’s why we are here. We are keen to understand the big issues and frustrations facing first-time parents in today’s world. This study, the first of its kind, is an important step in our ten year charity strategy to make sure what we offer is needed and relevant for future Mums and Dads.

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Confident and supported parents are better prepared to raise strong families and contribute positively to their local communities and society in general. Our focus is always on new and expectant parents and our aim is to reach 20 million parents by 2020. The First 1,000 Days Study provides us with an exciting opportunity to continue to increase our geographic and social reach, and make sure we are relevant and inclusive as we develop the future of NCT.

In 2013, first-time mothers and fathers were invited to take part in the First 1,000 Days study by joining group discussions with other first time parents or by completing an online questionnaire when their babies are around six to nine months old. To help us understand how the experiences of parenthood change, the same parents are being followed up 12 months later when their children are around 18-21 months old.

Parents involved in the study are asked about different aspects of their family life, such as their infants’ sleep, play and feeding and balancing their work and home lives.

Take a look at our First 1,000 Days study methods for further details of the research methodology and participant characteristics.

Further information

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For the latest findings from the First 1,000 Days study please see our most research reports and outputs.

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