Here members, practitioners and volunteers share their NCT story.

The First 1,000 Days of parenthood is a special time but also a period of huge change. We support all parents on this journey - from when they discover they are expecting a baby right up to their child's second birthday.

In this section, you'll hear from NCT members, practitioners, volunteers and staff about their NCT story including their highs and lows, and how NCT has made a positive difference to them. If you're on Twitter, search for #myNCTstory to read more inspiring stories and blogs.

  • Nikki Squelch, our Head of Volunteering, tells us about her NCT story, why she’s in awe of our amazing volunteers and why helping parents make local connections is so important.
  • Rachel Plachcinski shares her incredible NCT journey as mother, volunteer, practitioner and staff member. She also talks about how NCT has helped shape - and continues to improve - the experience of new parents.
  • Nick Wilkie, NCT's CEO, shares his NCT story.
  • Bronwen Rashad reflects on what motivated her to become an NCT practitioner, including the tragic death of a friend.
  • Sam Shepherd shares how volunteering at her local NCT branch boosted her confidence and helped her get a job at NCT.
  • Clea Harmer, former Head of NCT College, talks about her transformational journey with NCT and what she’s looking forward to as she becomes Chief Executive of the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (Sands).
  • Karen talks about how she overcame her fear of childbirth and that it's OK to have a bad day.
  • Ciara tells us about her parenting journey so far and how trusting your own instincts and judgment is so important.
  • Hannah shares how her life has changed since having her daughter with a shift in priorities and lifestyle.
  • Seána Talbot tells us how NCT changed her life and why she's so proud of the charity and the work we do supporting parents.
  • Lynn and Michael talk about the friendships they made through NCT 35 years ago and why NCT is still important today.
  • Romilly shares her story and how her first pregnancy has been so far.
  • Serena tells us how having children and training to become an NCT practitioner has given her the chance to support other new parents.
  • Helen shares what she's learnt so far as a new mum and encourages other parents to trust their own instincts to do what's right for their family.
  • Jeremy tells us about his parenting journey so far and why finding the right work/life balance is so important.
  • Hanna talks to us about losing her mum just after the birth of her second child, life lessons learned and why we should all just be kind to ourselves.
  • Elena talks about the trials and tribulations of parenthood and why it’s OK to admit that being a parent is hard.
  • Ruth tells us about her parenting story including her son's tough start in life and holidaying with seven toddlers in tow...
  • Jane shares her highs and lows including her top tips for parents.

If you'd like to tell us about your story or NCT group, email We'd love to hear from you!