First 1,000 Days describes the time from the start of pregnancy to a child’s second birthday. It is a period that evidence shows us plays a vital role in whether children grow up happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

Mother and baby

It is also a phase that can be the most challenging in a person’s life because:

  • First 1,000 Days are fraught with some of the most testing moments.
  • Early parent priorities meet the existing priorities of everyday life.
  • A maze of competing dilemmas and choices appear almost on a daily basis.
  • It is common for parents to feel significant pressure and guilt at this time.
  • Emotional, mental, physical and financial anxieties build as the responsibility and realisation of becoming a parent unfolds.

A continuous journey

During this time, parents need access to a consistent cycle of support and information that reflects the continuous parenting journey they are on. With this, parents are far more likely to make the successful transition from individual or couple to confident and well-adjusted parent who is able to place their child’s wellbeing above all other priorities.

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Supporting parents

At NCT we attend to parents in their First 1,000 Days, with:

  • Relevant and high-quality antenatal courses and postnatal courses.
  • Evidence-based information and guidance on health, social care and early education issues.
  • Regular social events and activities at some 320 of our branches nationwide.

We also collaborate with other reputable and trustworthy partners, co-ordinating additional services to deliver on our commitment to parents in their continuous early role.

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