The terms toddler, teenager and senior citizen are all easily recognised and relevant expressions in today’s society. They give significance to each life stage without the need for explanation.

New family

At NCT, we want to create the same type of acceptance for and understanding of the early parent role – a role that 1.5 million parents embark on each year in the UK.

By popularising the term First 1,000 Days we can begin to raise awareness of the significance of the period: starting with pregnancy through to your child’s second birthday. In particular, the impact of the early years on children’s development and wellbeing.

Crucially, leading scientific evidence tells us that:

  • The early parent role is the most critical before birth and during the first 18 months of life, when children’s emotional and social capabilities are in development.
  • This influential period will have an impact on children’s achievements throughout their lives, at school, in the workplace, in society at large, as well as their own future ability as a parent.

At NCT, we see early intervention in the First 1,000 Days of parenthood as a real opportunity for the UK to:

  • Make long lasting improvements to the lives of its children.
  • Halt the persistent social and emotional problems that exist nationwide today.
  • End the current vicious circle of failure that spreads from one generation to the next, for a minority of families.

As the leading charity for parents, we believe that we can substantially contribute to the design and delivery of better, more effective services for parents. Equally, that we communicate the relevance of early intervention to all parents regardless of background, age and circumstances, delivering on our promise of greater parent success.

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