In collaboration with the University of Worcester, we offer the only university-accredited qualification which allows you to become an NCT Yoga for Pregnancy teacher.



Highlights of this role 

Do you know that women attending yoga classes tend to have easier labours and feel more positive postnatally? They’re just a couple of the reasons why NCT Yoga for Pregnancy teachers are passionate about preparing mums for labour and the birth of their baby.

That’s why – with the University of Worcester – we offer the Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree, the only university-accredited qualification to become an NCT Yoga for Pregnancy teacher.

Once you’ve completed your training you’ll be a key member of our specialist Yoga for Pregnancy teachers team expertly and safely guiding mums-to-be through safe yoga postures and relaxation techniques.

During your training course you can also choose to add to your training to deliver other NCT antenatal and postnatal services.

Once qualified you will hold the highly-respected NCT Licence-to-Practise. Plus, you’ll be insured by us and also receive on-going training and development to help keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Your training will prepare you to support every one of the parents you meet in the very best way for them. You will:

  • Work with women from 12 weeks into their pregnancy up to the birth of their baby.
  • Provide a quiet and tranquil space for women come to enjoy time-out and to focus on their baby.
  • Introduce a variety of yoga poses, preparing mums-to-be for the physical experience of birth in a kinaesthetic way, focusing on positions for labour, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Encourage women to consider their wishes for birth.
  • Provide opportunities for women to share their experiences, ask questions and meet other pregnant mums.
  • Share the benefits of yoga for pregnancy - reducing aches and pains, improving posture and body awareness, improving sleep, increasing confidence approaching birth, plus increasing confidence in ability to cope with labour.

What will I earn?

Before you start your new life as an NCT Yoga for Pregnancy teacher we want you to be confident it’s the right choice for you – personally, professionally and financially. Because we’re a charity, unlike many commercial support providers, we're happy to tell you up-front what we pay.

Along with the everlasting thanks of countless new parents, you’ll be paid on an hourly basis, varying according to where you work and the experience you build up.

  • Exactly how much you earn will depend on the size of the area you choose to work across, plus the length and number of courses you deliver.
  • Dependent on experience, outside London the hourly rate for an Yoga for Pregnancy teacher is between £18.60 and £30.20 an hour. In London, the rate can be between £24.00 and £39.10 an hour.

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Course format

To become a Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher you need to successfully complete years one and two of our foundation degree course. The course has five required modules at Level 4, and a variety of optional modules, including yoga modules, at Level 5.

You have the choice of full- or part-time study. You’ll get a personal tutor to support you and keep you motivated. In the first year there are regular group sessions and tutorials run in locations around the country. In the second year locations will vary depending on the specialism choices made. Much of the course is convenient, self-directed learning.

What modules will I study?

Level 4 - one year full time or two years part-time:

  • Reflective practice and listening skills.
  • Facilitating learning in groups.
  • Giving birth.
  • Breastfeeding knowledge.
  • New baby - new family.

Level 5 - one year part-time

  • NCT Yoga foundations.
  • NCT Yoga for pregnancy.

You can also choose to take another Level 5 option, either alongside or after this, and become qualified in a second role, i.e. antenatal teacher or breastfeeding counsellor. This will make year two a full-time option.

If you have any more questions, have a look at the related documents on the right for more detail, check out our FAQs or contact our friendly admissions team directly using our course enquiry form, who are waiting to help you.


Applications for 2019/20 will open on the 1st November 2018 and will remain open until the 30 June 2019 or until the course is full, if this is sooner. The course starts in September 2019 and the academic year will run through until early July the following year. 

Whether you choose to study full or part-time, to make sure you can work at your best and meet course targets, your coursework is distributed evenly throughout the year.

The part-time for level 4 modules option will equate to around 15 hours study a week consisting of tutorials/study days/assessment days and self-directed study. In addition you are also required to participate in work based learning. It would then take 4 years to achieve a foundation degree.

The full-time option for Level 4 modules will equate to around 30 hours study a week consisting of tutorials/study days/assessment days and self-directed study. In addition you are also required to participate in work based learning. It would then take 2 years to achieve a foundation degree

To help you make the most of the time available and support you to achieve your potential the University of Worcester has developed arrange of Study Skills Advice Sheets to help you to plan and carry out your coursework and assessments.

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What qualifications do I need to study?

To be accepted on a course you will need a minimum of:

  • One A Level (or equivalent)  at grade C or above.
  • Or an equivalent Level 3 qualification i.e. BTEC or CACHE diploma which carries 32 UCAS tariff points. These qualifications do not have to be in a related subject.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these qualifications, because we also run an access to training course specially designed to prepare you for our degree course. Just use our course enquiry form for more details.

How much will it cost?

Please head to our Student Funding page for more info.

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Applications for the 2018 course are now open. Applications will stay open until the 30th June, or until the course is full, so you are advised to apply as soon as you can.

Simply apply via UCAS using Institution Code W80 and Course Code L521.

Go to the University of Worcester foundation degree online application form and click on the 'Applying' tab. 

Still got some questions? Need some more help with your application?

Please complete the course enquiry form or call us on 020 8752 2453 or 01905543012.