We're really pleased you would like to find out more about studying and working with us, but more importantly supporting new parents as they start out on their own First 1,000 Days - the time from conception until their baby's second birthday.

Choices and options

Your personal journey starts here...

Are you drawn towards working with parents in pregnancy? Maybe your interests lie with the early days and months after the baby is born? Or are you interested in working with parents across their whole journey, as bump becomes baby?

Have a look through all the options and discover more about  the highlights of each available role. Is part-time the best option for you, or would full-time suit you better? It's your choice.

Under each role you can find out more about the course and modules you need to follow to become licensed to practise, how much time you might need to commit, what experience and qualifications you need - or what the alternatives are, plus details of how to find out more or apply.

Because we want our teachers and leaders to be as happy as our clients, under each role you will also find details of rates of pay. How much a course leader earns depends largely on how many courses and sessions they choose to lead.

On each role page you'll find links to further relevant, detailed additional information and other useful documents.

If you have any questions you might want to try our FAQs

Or if you have any questions just jot them down on our enquiry form, email our friendly admissions team at admissions@nct.org.uk, call our admissions line on 020 8752 2453 or 01905543012 and we'll back to you as soon as we can.

This training has been an amazing experience for me… I have learned so much about myself, so much about motherhood. Much of what I have learned has seeped into the rest of my life, helping me to be a better mother, friend, wife, and manager in my day job. It's been so rewarding.