Released on: 16 December 2016

Nick Wilkie, Chief Executive

‘In April 2015 a baby tragically died in a Bednest crib that had been co-branded by us. Following an Inquest into the death of the baby, which concluded on 16th December 2016, the Coroner has returned a conclusion of accidental death. The Coroner has also made a number of more detailed findings of fact and will issue reports aimed at preventing other deaths in similar circumstances.

“Foremost I want to say that I and everyone at the charity are deeply sorry. Our involvement with this tragedy is a matter of profound and lasting regret.

“Since learning of this tragedy we have taken and will continue to take extensive action in the interests of safety. In particular we will continue to do all we possibly can to alert parents to the clear risk posed by the Bednest, if used without the manufacturer’s modification. As we do so, we will continue to provide all the assistance we can to the Coroner and Trading Standards.”



In November 2015 we communicated a statement on the safe use of the Bednest.

Expert opinion has identified that if the drop-side of the crib is in the halfway position, there is a clear risk that a baby could move onto or over the side of the crib and suffer injury or death as a result.  The manufacturer has made a modification kit available, which prevents the Bednest crib being used with the folding side in the halfway position. This will eliminate the risk that a baby could move onto or over the side of the crib. This modification is free-of-charge and can be quickly and easily applied.

The Bednest crib must not be used until it has been modified so that it cannot be used in the halfway position.

If you own an unmodified Bednest crib and have not yet confirmed your details please click on this link to supply your contact details. We will share your details with the manufacturer of Bednest so you receive further details from them.  They will provide you with a modification kit. Whilst waiting for your modification kit, the Bednest crib must not be used.

If you are aware of anyone using an unmodified Bednest crib please do inform them of the action we are taking and that they should not use the crib without the modification.

Users of the crib should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which are available on the manufacturer’s website

The welfare of parents and babies is, and always will be, at the heart of NCT and we thank you for your support in helping us to raise awareness on this issue.


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