NCT respond to Nick Clegg's announcement on additional funding for mental health

Released on: 08 October 2014

In his conference today, Nick Clegg announced that he will provide £120m of funding to ensure people with depression receive treatment within 6 weeks, or up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Commenting on Nick Clegg’s announcement of additional funding for mental health, NCT Senior Policy Adviser, Elizabeth Duff said:

“Extra money for mental health care is of course welcome, but it’s important that within this perinatal mental health services are not forgotten. More than one in ten mothers experience postnatal depression after having a baby and more rarely, women develop very severe conditions such as postpartum psychosis.

Research carried out by NCT earlier this year showed that only 3 per cent of CCGs currently have a perinatal mental health strategy and 54 per cent of trusts do not provide a perinatal mental health service.

“Furthermore, a poll of mothers by NCT and Netmums published yesterday [ii]showed that 45% of them think their six week postnatal check was not thorough enough. Nearly a third (29%) said their GP did not ask them about their emotional or mental health and, worryingly, 22% said they put on a brave face to hide the truth about how they were feeling.

“These findings make it clear that mental health of new and expectant parents needs to become a Government priority so that mothers receive the support and services they need."