NCT response: Comprehensive Spending Review

Released on: 20 July 2011

Anne Fox, Head of Campaigns & Public Policy, says;


“Some of the measures announced today will hit Britain where it hurts the most – the future generation. The Prime Minister said; ‘We want to see Britain become the most family-friendly country in Europe’, what has been announced today is likely to make it more difficult for many mothers and fathers to start and raise a family in the UK.


While some of the measures announced, such as the increase in the child element of the child tax credit for low-income families, will benefit some families, we are concerned that many other parents will be adversely affected by some of the other announcements made today, adding to a litany of changes affecting families announced since the Emergency Budget.


Today’s review has not delivered on the commitment to make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe. We look forward to seeing the forthcoming recommendations in the Poverty and Life Chances Review, and the Early Intervention Review, and hope that they will encourage a more supportive environment for families that can be backed up by government action.”