NCT response to the Duchess of Cambridge's birth plan

Released on: 20 June 2013

It has been announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will be opting for a birth plan with no planned medical intervention.

In response to this NCT’s Senior Policy Adviser, Elizabeth Duff said: 

“The choice that the Duchess of Cambridge has made is a personal one. There can be many benefits of having a birth without planned medical intervention, when this is not needed; however no two births will be the same so it is crucial that women and their partners are as well informed as possible about the choices available to them. Deciding on a birth plan is dependent on individual circumstances and wishes, but it is important for expectant parents to be prepared if the birth turns out differently. 

“As long as parents are appropriately informed about the pros and cons of every form of delivery, the decision they make will be the right one for them.”