NCT response: New parental leave announcements

Released on: 20 July 2011

Today the Government has announced plans to extend parental leave to 12 months, leaving it up to the parents to decide who takes the leave.

Elizabeth Duff, Public Policy Officer, NCT says:


“NCT welcomes the Government’s plans for shared parental leave. Providing more attractive leave options for fathers enables them to take time off paid work at a crucial stage in family life. It also allows parents flexibility about childcare after the baby is six months old. The current situation undermines the importance of parenthood for fathers, and reduces opportunities for dads to spend time with their children, which can help to strengthen and balance the family structure. These new Government proposals allow greater sharing of the responsibility for parenting of very young children.


However, the NCT would also like to see the 12 months of parental leave to be paid in full, whether taken by mother or father. Every day off work needs to be paid otherwise it is only an option for those who can afford it.”