NCT response to RCM report on women being discharged from hospital too soon

Released on: 29 August 2014

In response to a new report today by the Royal College of Midwives which found that over a third of women were discharged from hospital too soon after birth, Belinda Phipps, Chief Executive, NCT, says:

“Sometimes new mums want to get home quickly but it is unacceptable if they are discharged early because of staff shortages or lack of beds. Giving birth can be a stressful time and the last thing new parents need is to be sent home before they feel ready.

“It is also deeply frustrating that NICE guidelines on postnatal care are still not being implemented. We need to see a rise in the number of midwives and better continuity of care so women have access to a midwife they know and trust - which leads to better outcomes for parents and babies.”