NCT response to RCOG report on the effect of chemical exposure during pregnancy.

Released on: 05 June 2013

A new report from RCOG warns mothers-to-be on the effect of chemical exposure during pregnancy. The report states that pregnant women should be made aware of the sources and routes of chemical exposure in order to reduce harm to their unborn child despite current uncertainty surrounding their effects.

In response to this, NCT’s Senior Policy Adviser, Rosemary Dodds said:

“The RCOG report on the effects of chemical exposure during pregnancy highlights the urgent need for further research in this area. The lack of practical guidance for parents to help protect children from harmful chemicals can cause unnecessary anxiety for parents. It’s unacceptable that pregnant women today are still having to make decisions without clear information on possible risks. 

NCT is calling on the Government to invest in further research in this area as a matter of priority.”