NCT response: use of Bisphenol A in baby bottles

Released on: 20 July 2011

The NCT supports the Breast Cancer UK campaign, No More BPA, and joins them in calling for companies producing baby bottles to stop using Bisphenol A (BPA) in their manufacture processes. Until this happens, there must be clear labeling of baby bottles containing the chemical.


BPA is present in many baby bottles sold in the UK, although its use has been banned in Canada, and many companies in the USA have removed it from their products. These steps are being taken as studies show that BPA leaches out of plastics and is absorbed by the body.


There is evidence to suggest the chemical can interfere with healthy growth and body functions and mimics the effect of the hormone oestrogen in the body, without replacing its activity. Babies are particularly vulnerable to hormone mimicking effects as they grow rapidly in the early months and years.


As a first step it is important that bottles and other baby products are labelled in a standard and easy to understand way. This will help to grow understanding and to ensure parents are informed about the products they use. 


Ultimately companies that produce baby bottles must use only BPA free plastics, and if necessary, legislation should make this a requirement. There are viable alternatives to BPA, so there is no reason for its continued use.


If parents are concerned, the NCT Breastfeeding Line 0300 330 0771 is open from 8am – 10pm, daily and NCT breastfeeding counsellors are happy to answer questions about using bottles.