NCT response to WAVE Trust report

Released on: 22 March 2013

On 21 March the WAVE Trust launched their report in collaboration with the Department for Education: Conception to age 2 – the age of opportunity

Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser for parent charity NCT said:

“We welcome the WAVE Trust’s report, which further highlights the importance of the first 1,000 days of parenthood, from conception until a child is two years old. We know what a crucial time this is for the development of children, which is why we offer comprehensive support to all parents throughout this time.

“A key recommendation from the report is a universal assessment for new mothers and their babies at 3-4 months of age to identify and provide further support to those who are struggling. Any assessment of this kind should be part of an on-going relationship with an experienced and well-qualified professional such as a health visitor. In these circumstances, the assessment could be a good opportunity for the mother or father to raise any concerns and receive the necessary help. However, any assessment should be carried out in such a way there is no implication of either parent or baby ‘failing the test’, so as not to add to the growing pressure placed on parents.

"Both mothers and fathers play a key role during the early years of parenthood, and there are great benefits to fathers being involved with events throughout the pregnancy. We would like to ensure that strategies are put in place which offer support to both parents during this exciting, but often overwhelming time.”