Released on: 20 March 2017

NCT supports the model of care offered by independent midwives

Independent midwives offer a service to pregnant women which provides a safe and high-quality level of care, including:

•        a great degree of choice, including of birth location

•        continuity of carer

•        excellent postnatal care, including breastfeeding support

In some areas independent midwives have formed organisations which are contracted by the NHS to provide a service that is free of charge to women and families. Where an independent midwifery service is not under NHS contract, women pay directly for their care and while the fees charged may be too much for some families, many independent midwives will try to reach flexible arrangements on payment.

NCT strongly supports the model of care offered by independent midwives as it is woman-centred, evidence-based and results in positive outcomes for mothers and babies. We hope to see the Department of Health and the NMC reach a solution on the requirement for healthcare professionals to hold indemnity insurance that will enable sole independent midwives to continue to offer this model of care.

As a charity that supports all parents we will also continue to work toward a situation when all women receive high quality care, including real choice and continuity of carer.

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