Released on: 04 September 2017

In response to Grazia editor Natasha Pearlman’s article in The Times Magazine, ‘Nightmare on the maternity ward’, Sarah McMullen, Head of Knowledge, NCT, said:

“We’re really sorry to hear that Natasha had a traumatic birth experience and felt unprepared by one of our classes. It’s not acceptable that someone should leave an antenatal class feeling uninformed and fearful of birth, and our practitioners would never intend for this to happen. We want all expectant parents to leave our classes feeling well informed and prepared for childbirth – however they give birth, and whatever their personal decisions.
“Last year we got feedback from around 50,000 parents and the vast majority rated our classes highly. However, we know we don’t always get it right and are working hard to ensure all parents have a positive experience which really prepares them for birth and beyond.
“We always welcome feedback and encourage Natasha to get in touch, so that we can learn from her specific experience.”

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