NCT's response to latest study on delayed cord clamping

Released on: 11 July 2013

A recent systematic review, published in The Cochrane Library, reveals that later cord clamping after birth increases iron levels in babies.

In response to this, NCT's Chief Executive Belinda Phipps says:

“NCT is thrilled to see yet another report that supports the practice of late cord clamping. This is not the first wave of evidence that highlights the benefits of delaying cord clamping for a few minutes to allow transfer of blood from the placenta to the baby. 

"As is explained in this research, when a baby is born around a third of the baby’s blood is still in their cord and placenta, and clamping the cord early reduces the iron available to the baby. It is becoming increasingly clear that things need to change. 

 “NCT is calling on NICE to update their guidelines and communicate this evidence to health professionals. We want to see baby’s being given the healthiest start in life, which can begin by implementing this simple practice.”