NCT's response to new '£10 test' that can warn of postnatal depression

Released on: 02 July 2013

British Scientists have developed a new £10 test that gives advance warning of post-natal depression for pregnant women.

NCT’s Senior Policy Adviser, Elizabeth Duff said: 

“It’s welcome to see in-depth research being carried out in the area of perinatal mental health, which is an issue that can profoundly affect women and their families during the first 1000 days of parenthood. Professor Grammatopoulos’s findings confirm and advance present knowledge which supports the practice of asking pregnant women about any family history of depression, and noting that women in this group may be at higher risk.

“However it is important for families, and health professionals, to be aware that the incidence of depression and other mental health disorders can be heightened during pregnancy as well as in the postnatal period, and can also affect fathers as well as mothers.

“While this proposal of a new test is an encouraging glimpse forward into the science around this condition, NCT would also like to see funding invested in improved staffing, training and equipping of high quality maternity services that include provision of support for those with postnatal depression.”