New report by NAO reveals maternity care crisis

Released on: 08 November 2013

A report published by the National Audit Office reveals that there are significant and unexplained variations in maternity care around the country.

Belinda Phipps, CEO, NCT said:

“The report rightly highlights a number of problems with the maternity services in England that reflect NCT’s concerns expressed over several past years. There is an unacceptably wide geographical variation in both quality and cost of care, and huge variation in satisfaction levels between white women and those from black and minority ethnic groups which urgently needs to be addressed. 

“Midwives are being overworked, maternity units are understaffed and, as a result parents’ are suffering. A report between NCT and NFWI (Support Overdue: Women’s Experiences of Maternity Care), showed that 88% of women had not met the midwife who cared for them during labour and birth before going into labour, with 60% of women failing to receive enough postnatal support.  

“NCT would like to see the DH’s commitment to choice come to fruition. We need more midwives, continuity of care, no temporary closures and excellent networks for referral and transfer for this to take place.”

NCT and NFWI's report on maternity services across the UK - ‘Support Overdue’ - can also be found here.