Released on: 04 November 2016

Kelly Drake, a volunteer from NCT Newham Branch has been named NCT Volunteer of the Year at the national NCT Stars Awards.

The prestigious award is presented to an NCT volunteer who has gone above and beyond and made a significant impact on people’s lives and wellbeing.

Kelly is described by many as a walking ambassador for NCT, having flyers in her window, on her car and in the pocket of her buggy so she can distribute them as she goes about her day. With Newham being a very culturally diverse area, Kelly works hard to ensure the branch is accessible to all and that its services meet the unique needs of the community. 

Kelly regularly attends and speaks at Maternity Services Liaison Committees, health visitors’ meetings and other local events. She has developed a strong working relationship with the borough’s consultant midwife and Newham University Hospital, referring parents who have experienced challenging births to appropriate services.

Presenting the award at a special celebration yesterday at City Hall, London, NCT Head of Volunteering, Nikki Squelch said: “Kelly shows commitment and dedication beyond anything we could ever ask from our volunteers and can only be described as an outstanding member of the NCT and local community. Kelly is testament to the power of volunteering in transforming an entire community for the better.”

In accepting the award, Kelly said: “I feel truly honoured to be recognised for what I genuinely love doing. The satisfaction I receive from working within my local community and seeing how NCT and its volunteers can transform so many new parents’ experience with parenthood spurs me on every day.

“It is an honour to win the award in NCT’s Diamond Jubilee year as it’s a reminder of the thousands of new parents the charity has supported in the area over the past 60 years.”

If you are interested in volunteering for NCT or finding out about activities and events in your area, contact your local NCT branch via NCT’s website or call NCT’s enquiries line on 0300 330 0770.

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