NCT works with health professionals to deliver breastfeeding peer support to thousands of women annually.

Research shows that most mums want to breastfeed but many give up within the first few weeks.  Of those who stop, 80% actually would have preferred to carry on but felt they had insufficient support.

NCT's breastfeeding peer support is flexible and can make a real difference to mums who want to initiate or maintain breastfeeding.  It is based on evidence of what works, and on over 50 years' experience in providing person-centred support. 

Mums respond well to the service, and say it increases their confidence and makes a difference to how long they go on breastfeeding. Working with NCT can help you deliver an increase in breastfeeding initiation, and prevalence at six to eight weeks.

Our peer support packages vary according to local needs and provision.  In some areas peer supporters meet mothers before the baby is born and follow them through for as long as they need. In other areas the emphasis may be on work within the hospital or in breastfeeding drop-in settings. 

In all cases we work with service providers to tailor provision to specific needs. We can deliver breastfeeding peer support programmes as a full-service option, or we can train local health professionals to deliver.

To find out more email us at and one of our Regional Partnership Managers will contact you.