Supporting dads

Supporting dads

NCT recognise the needs of dads to be involved in all aspects of maternity care from pregnancy and childbirth to the postnatal period.

Becoming a dad for the first time is a major life event for men. The birth of a baby changes relationships in the family, brings new responsibilities and has a major economic impact. Becoming a dad can be a time of joy, celebration and pride but equally it can also be a time of stress, anxiety and upheaval. Men have their own needs as new dads; they also need information about what their partner is going through and how they can support her. NCT recognises the need for health and social care professionals and our own NCT practitioners to acknowledge the experiences and needs of dads during pregnancy, birth and into the postnatal period.

NCT has been instrumental in helping dads play a key role in early family life, starting with the birth of their child. With the aim of reaching all parents, NCT has been designing and tailoring services to meet the needs of fathers from pregnancy, childbirth and their involvement in the care of their new baby.

In this section you will find good practice case studies and NCT publications and articles about our work with dads. You will also find general resources produced by NCT and link to resources produced by other organisations to support dads through the transition to parenthood.

Information about supporting dads has been included in the Diversity and Access section because dads can experience difficulties in accessing services and information relevant to thier specific needs and can be marginalised by service provision.