Training for professionals

Professional training

NCT is able to work in partnership with centres, offering you evidenced based best practice guidance and services to meet your parents' needs.

We can provide antenatal, breastfeeding (as classes and/or drop-ins, now in partnership with Baby Café) or postnatal (early days) courses for you in your children's centres.  Our courses can be tailor-made to suit your timetable and budget.  All our services to health organisations include:


Antenatal Courses: We recommend a minimum of an eight hour course for expectant parents of 2 hours a week, but our standard course is 16 hours, and includes 1-2 breastfeeding sessions and 1-2 postnatal sessions.  We can dovetail our services with any of your existing service providers, such as midwives or health visitors, but equally, our specialist workers are able to delivery the full service independently.  We will also assist you with the marketing of your service using our Best Practice guides for working with vulnerable parents and marketing templates.

For an informal discussion of how we can help you support parents and meet outcome requirements, please email us at or call us on 020 8752 2300 and one of our Regional Partnership Managers will contact you.

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