NCT antenatal services include courses for parents and training for health and care professionals.

A typical NCT antenatal course consists of several hours of course time antenatally and can include a postnatal reunion. Concessionary rates are available.

We also run a number of short courses which can offer specialised education.  These budget-sensitve, 3-hour workshops cover VBAC, water birth, homebirth, antenatal education for hospitalised women, young parenting, and a post-birth debrief workshop.

Aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting are covered but each course is flexible and tailored to the group’s individual needs. Subjects covered will usually include:

  • Pregnancy and birth choices
  • Choosing where to have the baby
  • Body awareness, relaxation, breathing and massage
  • Home births and water births
  • What happens in labour and how the baby is born
  • Pain relief - natural and medical methods
  • Labour and the role of the partner in labour
  • What complications might arise – eg Caesarean birth
  • Looking after a newborn and feeding
  • Early parenting, lifestyle changes

Courses can be run from 4-8 weeks or as a drop-in style and can incorporate other services from midwives and health visitors.

NCT also offers a newly designed Preparation for Birth and Beyond curricula, developed in collaboration with the Department of Health.

NCT Professional training for Health Professionals include courses for running antenatal classes, identifying postnatal depression in parents and supporting breastfeeding.


For more information about how NCT antenatal services can help your organisation please contact us at or call 020 8752 2300.