NCT provides information to support and inform parents about introducing solids.

Parents need consistent, evidence based information about the introduction of solid foods. 

For healthy babies born at term the current recommended practice is to introduce solids foods from six months of age. Parents should not be encouraged, or feel pressured, to introduce solids before this time. In some cases premature, low birth weight or sick babies may need specialised feeding before this age.

A review of recent research looks at the question of when parents might introduce solid foods to babies in order to reduce the risk of food allergies.

Some parents may worry about how to handle fussy eating and may be reassured to know of recent research pointing to this being due at least partly to genetics rather than upbringing.

Read about the evidence, briefings and leaflets on this topic below.

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Bliss - the special care baby charity have produced a factsheet on weaning your premature baby