Maternity statistics are published by each country of the United Kingdom separately.

Maternity statistics are available for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Normal birth rate
The definition of normal birth has been agreed by the Maternity Care Working Party as women who gave birth without the following:

  • induction of labour
  • epidural, spinal or general anaesthetic
  • forceps or ventouse
  • caesarean section
  • episiotomy

The normal birth rate is calculated using this definition in Scotland. In England, the normal birth rate can be calculated from the data but is no longer published by the NHS Information Centre as they consider there to be no clear definition of 'normal birth'. In Wales, the rate is defined as those women who gave birth without being induced or a birth involving forceps or ventouse or caesarean birth. In Northern Ireland, no normal birth rate information is available using the Maternity Care Working Party definition.

An article analysing the latest normal birth rates for England has been published in September 2012's issue of Perspective.

Home Birth Rates 2011

England 2.36%
Northern Ireland 0.28%
Scotland 1.38%
Wales 3.15%