NCT Scholars showcases academic work of NCT practitioners and staff on maternity and transition to parenthood topics, including publications and unpublished theses not available elsewhere.

Published work

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Unpublished theses

Nina Smith What role do antenatal classes play for men in their transition to parenthood? MA by research, 1998.

Mary Newburn An emerging model for maternity care: a pilot ethnographic study of an inner-city birth centre. MSc Public Health, 2009.

Heather Welford "Home: where the heart is?"  Can home visiting programmes support the development of healthy infant-maternal relationships in the UK? MSc Health Sciences, 2009.

Angela Sherridan Breastfeeding peer counsellors' reflections on their support role in a northern town. MPhil, 2009.

Rebecca Westland Supporting breastfeeding - exploring mothers' expectations and priorities within their local community MA in Working with Communities, 2012.