NCT offer a variety of services, both directly to parents and commissioned by the NHS and local authorities. Services cover the First 1,000 Days - from conception to your child's second birthday.

NCT has produced a wealth of interesting information published in our journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood.

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All expectant mothers and fathers should be helped to prepare for birth and parenthood. In the antenatal period, we offer our popular NCT Signature antenatal course, as well as our new NCT Essentials antenatal course. We also offer a variety of workshops and drop-ins.

Infant feeding

Our breastfeeding services include peer support, our quality assured and licenced Baby Cafes and one-to-one support.


Postnatally NCT offers courses and a variety of workshops and drop-ins.

Evaluation of NCT services

NCT invites all parents who attend antenatal and postnatal courses to give feedback on their experience. The evaluation service provides a standardised and anonymous UK-wide system of feedback, and demonstrates our commitment to listening to parents.