Research Networkers are NCT members with an interest in research relating to maternity and parenting issues. They help to ensure that NCT provides and promotes evidence-based information and policies.

If you have an interest in maternity and parenting research, and would like to volunteer some time, please register as an NCT Research Networker ('Ren' for short). You do not need a PhD or anything fancy, just a willingness to get involved.

The only requirements of being a Ren are that you:

  • are an NCT member
  • have an interest in research, particularly relating to maternity and parents’ issues
  • register as a Ren every two years while you wish to continue volunteering

What do Rens do?

The work Rens are asked to do depends on their experience and level of research skills. You may be asked to:

  • contribute to NCT responses when the charity is consulted by other organisations, including governments, about policy developments throughout the UK,
  • write book reviews for publication in Perspective, NCT's journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood.

 If you are more experienced you may be asked to:

  • represent NCT on a research advisory group or a guideline development group.
  • write or review new NCT information for parents or professional audiences. 

Rens are free to get involved as little or as much as they can or like. The work is flexible according to individual interests, skills and time availability.

See examples of Rens’ involvement in a range of research collaborations.

Support and benefits for Rens

To support them in their role, we offer all registered Rens:

  • an annual research networkers’ pack following registration or re-registration
  • an updated Maternity and Parenthood Information Directory
  • a library and information service
  • regular Current Awareness Bulletins listing new research studies
  • contact with other Rens including the research egroup
  • Critical Appraisal Skills (CASP) training to help you understand and use research papers, including a telephone journal club
  • Training on health information on the internet and appraising information for parents (DISCERN)

How do I register as a Ren?

Registering as a Ren is quick and easy. NCT members can register by completing a short online registration form on babble. You provide us with information about your work, areas of knowledge and interests. If you are not already a member, you will need to join NCT.

For further information about the Ren role please send an email to: