Voting now open for NCT members to elect two new trustees

Two mothers and their babies

We are delighted to open the voting for our members to help elect two new trustees to the Board. 

The role of an NCT Trustee is vital in ensuring the charity is run effectively and acts in the best interests of all parents, and we hope all our members will take part in voting for our future.   

How do I find out about the candidates and place my votes?  

From 23 October 2020, NCT members will receive personal voting links from ‘Simply Voting’ by email and then periodically throughout the election period until they cast their vote.  

There are three candidates, all of whom have been nominated by NCT members, and voters will be asked to rank them in order of preference. 

You can read more about their experience and the value they can bring to the NCT in the supporting statements below.

What happens if I don’t receive my email with the voting link? 

Please first check your ‘Junk’, ‘Other’ or ‘Promotions folders. If you have a joint membership and use the same email address for both members, only one voting link will be sent through.  Please contact our Enquiries team to provide an alternative email address for the second NCT member. Their voting link will be sent out during the next round of election emails from Simply Voting. 

NCT Annual General Meeting – save the date! 

All NCT members are warmly invited to join us at the 2020 Members’ AGM, which will take place online on Friday 11 December 2020 between 11:00 – 13:00.  The results of the trustee election will be announced at the meeting. The AGM will be preceded by presentations from guest speakers in a session starting at 10am.  The event is free to attend but all attendees must hold a valid NCT membership. An official notice with the agenda and more details about the event will be published nearer the time.  

Election Timeline 

  • Tuesday 6 October: Deadline to express your interest by emailing our Board Secretary, to request a nomination pack. 
  • Tuesday 20 October: Deadline to submit your completed nomination, which requires two members to nominate you. 
  • Friday 23 October: Voting opens, with candidate information published on our website. 
  • Monday 7 December: Voting closes 
  • Friday 11 December: Election results announced at NCT's Annual General Meeting. 
  • March 2021: Elected Trustees attend their first Board meeting. 

If you'd like to find out more about our plans to improve, update and embed an approach to equality, diversity and inclusion throughout our work and practices, see Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Election candidates

Franciane Husbands-Chevot 

Franciane Husbands-ChevotBranch: Belfast 

Nominated by: Karen Hall, Hanna Oberdorfer 

Relevant experience, skills and background 

I have spent the majority of my career in academia and more recently in business development for a medium pharmaceutical company. As a scientist by trade, life-long learning is my personal philosophy and evidence-based decision-making is at the heart of my approach to both life and work. I am passionate about the need for science and research to drive improvements for everyone; and to share this passion, I have become a STEM ambassador, regularly engaging with young people and promoting science in the context of diversity and inclusion.

More recently, I have taken on a business development role which has involved building a significant client-base across Europe. Maintaining existing clients as well as attracting brand-new ones in an already competitive marketplace, has required me to adopt a more creative approach, involving reaching out to potential niche-clients that wouldn’t have traditionally thought to work with us. Taking this longer-term strategic approach has diversified our client portfolio and maximised revenue. I believe this would be valuable experience I could bring to the NCT board. 

Finally, as a new mother who has recent experience of both NCT and giving birth during a pandemic, I believe I can bring new perspectives to the organisation. 

Why do you want to be an NCT Trustee and what will you add to the board? 

Earlier this year, as a mum-to-be, I was eager to prepare myself as best I possibly could, particularly as I would be giving birth in the midst of a pandemic. I duly signed up to a virtual NCT class – and it was the best thing I did! Not only did I learn a lot – but I also made great friends along the way. I now want to give something back to the charity, to ensure it continues to be able to help mothers like me and supports them in their journeys too. 

COVID-19 has brought into stark relief the inequalities that exist for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic mothers giving birth in the UK. As a member of the BAME community myself, I will champion the needs of all mothers, but particularly those who unfairly receive poorer outcomes than the rest. I will also bring my personal perspectives as a BAME mother who has given birth in the UK, to the NCT board. 

Lastly, as scientist and businesswoman in Northern Ireland, I will bring my experience of research-driven business-improvement, novel technology and of reaching out to (and building) a wider client-base to the development of a future strategy for the organisation. 

Outline personal / lived experience will impact your approach to supporting and championing NCT’s equality, diversity and inclusion priority? 

I am a black and French woman and I moved to live in the UK six years ago. Throughout my life, both in France and now the UK, I have been aware of the inequalities and injustices that exist for those in the BAME community. From an early age, I was encouraged by my single mother to rally against these inequalities and to achieve what I was capable of achieving, including ultimately, the completion of my doctorate. 

I have sought to use my fortunate position to help and encourage others – particularly young members of the BAME community – to raise their ambitions and to pursue a career in science; a career not traditionally open to women, and particularly not to BAME women. 

Having now myself become a mother, and having read widely about the birth experiences of other BAME mothers across the UK, I want to use my lived-experience to help shape the future of NCT support for every parent, but particularly BAME parents, and to influence other organisations in maternity care to improve too. I see this as a massive opportunity to drive forward progress in this important area and I would love to be a part of it.


Fiona Doyle

Fiona DoyleBranch: Haringey 

Nominated by: Elgan Owen, Catherine McCusker 

Relevant experience, skills and background 

As a passionate advocate for rights of parents, I believe I have a range of skills to add to the board. I serve on the governing body of a local primary school as vice-chair and have played an integral part in strategic leadership and vision for the school, monitoring and overseeing the implementation of development plans, changes in school leadership and analysing a range of performance data. 

As a business owner I have relevant finance experience in terms of managing budgets and calculating risk, as well as extensive HR experience as an employer. My most relevant experience however, comes from being a long-standing NCT volunteer; I have a true working knowledge of the complexity of the organisation and have volunteered alongside staff, practitioners and volunteers in a range of projects and campaigns to support parents across all four nations of the UK. 

I truly feel the experience I have gained as a volunteer, as a regional coordinator and as Chair of the Regional Volunteer Support Network will be invaluable to the board as NCT navigates its way through these testing times.

Why do you want to be an NCT Trustee and what will you add to the board? 

I would love the chance to serve on the board of trustees to be able to help shape the future of the charity. There is no doubt that we have been at the precipice in the last few months in terms of the long-term stability of NCT; as we come back from the brink we have a truly unique opportunity to implement forward-thinking changes within the organisation and to truly modernise our core offer to parents in the twenty-first century. 

I will add to the board a strong voice for volunteers, lived experience of the impact of the new strategic priorities and most importantly, a genuine passion to see the charity go from strength to strength as we rebuild from the ashes of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, NCT is needed to support families as they navigate their journeys through parenthood in the most extraordinary of circumstances. To serve on the board at this time would be a privilege. 

Outline personal / lived experience will impact your approach to supporting and championing NCT’s equality, diversity and inclusion priority? 

My lived experience as a child of migrants to the UK means that I hold the principles of equality and diversity close to my heart. I have grown up in a wonderfully mixed heritage family and it is a pleasure to be raising my daughter in the same way. In a world that is becoming worryingly more and more divisive, it is more important than ever for charities to consider, reflect and act upon the need to accurately represent the diversity and culture of families across the UK. 

I have also been a single parent since pregnancy and am a strong advocate for the rights of single parent families, many of whom are still excluded and unfairly disadvantaged in so many ways even in our modern society. I am pleased to see that Culture and Inclusion are one of the new Key Strategic Workstreams for NCT and look forward to playing a role in my volunteering capacity in bringing this strategy to life, to ensure that our parents feel and know that NCT is a charity for all parents, regardless of their race, socioeconomic background, gender or cultural heritage.


Chi Evi-Parker

Chi Evi-Parker

Branch: Barnet 

Nominated by: Caroline Titley, Angie Marung 

Relevant experience, skills and background 

I have over 13 years’ experience working in marketing, digital marketing and strategy in the private   sector, with over 5 years’ in leadership positions driving business growth. This means that I am well versed in understanding how businesses work, the levers needed to help them to grow, and how to activate those levers in the real world. I have led and successfully grown businesses across a number of industries, leading multi-functional teams within the marketing and digital space to deliver key goals. 

I am an advocate for equality – and as a black woman with a strong belief that nothing can hold me back, I am passionate about supporting women and ethnic minorities in the workplace to feel the same. I was a founding member of Tesco’s first ‘black’ network – the African, Black & Caribbean (ABC) Network back in 2011, and currently sit as an advisor and mentor for a number of ‘BAME’ organisations, supporting junior marketers as they progress through their career. I’m new to NCT as we’re currently expecting our first baby next year (we also have an angel daughter, Olive), and am excited to be a member of the NCT family!

Why do you want to be an NCT Trustee and what will you add to the board? 

As a marketer, I will always put the customer – parents, Practioners and volunteers – front and centre, because they are the reason NCT exists. The challenges that I will use my experience to help the Board overcome are: How can we continue to educate and support NCT parents during these changing times, and extend NCT into broader social demographic groups? How can we continue to provide best-in-class training for Practioners, and maximise class bookings so that they can share their knowledge with more parents? And how can we support the current volunteer network and drive further recruitment, so that NCT can continue its critical work? 

I hope to offer a new and different perspective, having not been a member of NCT for very long and so having the advantage of looking from the outside in. As a mother-to-be, who through personal circumstance understands the importance of access to the right information and healthcare during pregnancy, I wholeheartedly champion NCT’s mission – parents supporting parents, and the provision of maternity education, and am passionate about ensuring any parent can educate themselves, no matter who they are or where they’re from. 

Outline personal / lived experience will impact your approach to supporting and championing NCT’s equality, diversity and inclusion priority? 

I am a second-generation Londoner of black African descent. I am fortunate to have enjoyed a privileged upbringing, with access to resources and opportunities that others from a similar background may not have been as fortunate to have. It horrifies me to read the statistics around the significantly increased likelihood of black women to have stillbirths or die during childbirth: this is not something we should accept in 2020. Last year I lost my daughter at 22 weeks. Sadly I am not alone in losing a child too soon, but it has taught me three things: 1) Enhanced empathy for other parents – we are all in this together, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. 2) The importance of a strong support network – my close friends propped me up, but my lifeline came from the groups of mothers who I didn’t know personally, but with whom I bonded through this shared experience. 3) The power of knowledge – we as parents and parents-to-be deserve to have access to all the information we need to keep us and our babies safe. It should not be a class, race or postcode lottery. These are things I believe in passionately, and that passion will define every action in my support of NCT.


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