If you want to improve services in your local area, or want to support the NCT’s national campaigns you'll find help and support on these pages. Happy campaigning!

There are a number of things you can do from the comfort of your own home or office to show your support for improving breastfeeding rates and support – and we've packaged them all below for you! Each takes less than 2 minutes to do!!

Quick campaigning actions...

...for NCT members and your friends and colleagues! Please pass it on through your networks.

Get involved with launch of new Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

We are delighted that Bromley is an early adopter of the new national Breastfeeding Welcome scheme and Bromley Primary Care Trust (PCT) is funding the rollout in our area starting today.

We are looking for volunteer Breastfeeding Welcome ambassadors to take flyers into venues and ask them to register for the scheme. This is a collaborative initiative between local NCT branches, Bromley PCT and La Leche League.

Make sure your MP supports the Breastfeeding Manifesto

The NCT hosts the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition. To be truly effective and achieve all 7 objectives, the Manifesto needs wide political support and the individual commitment of a high number of elected representatives.

We need your help to get their support. Check here to see if your MP already supports the manifesto. If they are not on the list - mail your MP/AM/MEP/MSP today.

Ask your MEP to promote rights of breastfeeding working mothers

The Pregnant Workers' Directive is a European Union directive on pregnant women and new mothers at work. In March 2010, the women's rights and gender equality committee of the European parliament adopted a report proposing a series of amendments. The proposed amendments offer the chance to significantly improve the rights of pregnant women, new mothers, women who are breastfeeding, and their families. BMC member Maternity Action is calling upon the UK government and UK MEPs to support the report. Add your support by emailing your MEP today.

Support the Nestle boycott in less than two minutes

Across the UK and the world mothers may use formula milk to feed their babies. You may use it yourself. It is important that this product is available for mothers who choose to use it or who by force of circumstance find themselves using it even though they would have preferred to breastfeed their babies.

This charity has long worked to persuade the companies who make the formula milks available not to advertise it in any way. We want information for mothers to come from government or charities such as ourselves. We want mothers to be fully informed about formula and how to use it as safely as possible but we don't think is right that a company that will benefit from larger profits from sales should be in touch with mothers. The temptation to persuade mothers to use their brand and to be economical with the truth on safety is too great for it to be possible for companies to do this.

The company most often found to be acting illegally or unethically is Nestle, though others do too.

Yet again examples of extremely bad and unsafe practice from Nestle have come to light. We would like you to send a message to ask them to change their ways. Your power can change things. We have done it before and with your help can do it on this issue.

The NCT is part of the Baby Feeding Law Group and the lead organisation in this group has set up an action you can take to ask Nestle to stop. Please could you spare a moment to ask Nestle to change. Go to this Baby Milk Action link and follow the simple steps.

Thanks and congratulations – you're a campaigner!

If you've taken all or any of the actions above you can count yourself as an activist or campaigner visit http://www.nct.org.uk/active/network. As an NCT Active member, we'll contact you once per month and ask you if you would like to take similar actions on a whole variety of parent issues.

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