What's in it for you?

We are an award wining branch with award nominated services.

Whether you run your own business or provide a service to the community, our newsletters, events, groups and active social media presence can help you reach families and parents-to-be in the area.

Our following has more than doubled in the past 12 months; we have a subscriber base of over 1700 for our newsletter, have over 1300 followers on our facebook page and a weekly reach of over 30,000 in social media activity. What’s more, our members’ and class bookers database consists of expectant and new parents, and is constantly growing.

All our events are listed on all main local social media parenting groups such as SW19 mums, SW18 mums, SW15 mums, Hoop App, Mumsnet Merton, Netmums, NappyValley.net, FamiliesOnline

Branch Sponsorship

This offers the biggest and broadest reach with your company's logo at all of our events and on all marketing materials. 

A sponsorship package usually runs for 12 months and will be invoiced quarterly.

Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Logo on the NCT Wimbledon & Wandsworth homepage (NCT website receives 8.2m visits annually)
  • Monthly shout out on our facebook page (over 1300 followers)
  • Colour logo at the top of our monthly newsletter
  • 300 word advertorial in our monthly newsletter (over 1700 subscribers)
  • Guest speaker slot at our Tots & Talks playgroup (weekly playgroup with attendance of 22 local parents)
  • Mention on weekly events listings posts on social media (which a reach of over 30,000)
  • Flyers, table and signage at all of our events and logo on new marketing materials

General Sponsorship

This package can be tailored to meet your company's marketing needs and budget. 

A sponsorship package usually runs for 12 months and will be invoiced quarterly.

Sponsorship benefits could include some of the following:

  • Colour advert in our monthly newsletter
  • Flyers/table/signage at our events 
  • Distribution of your product at our events
  • Presence on NCT website
  • Partering on events
  • Guest speaker slot at our Tots & Talks playgroup
  • Sponsorship of a specific event


In 2017 we held 4 seasonal events, an Easter Party, Celebrates Party (to celebrate winning the NCT Stars Award), Halloween Party and Christmas Extravaganza. Each event sold out. The Halloween Party sold out in 24 hours. Attendance ranged from 40-150 for each event. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities vary from event-to-event. Please contact us for details. 

We also host a regular Pelvic Floor and Prosecco evening in conjunction with local businesses and aim to offer similar events. If you are interested in partnering with us please get in touch.

Events advertising opportunities:

  • Flyers in goodybags
  • Product giveaway in goodybags
  • Raffle price donation
  • Table for selling/marketing your business/product
  • Sponsorship of an individual event
  • Joint hosting of an event


Our newsletter is published once a month and currently has over 1700 subscribers. The subscriber base has more than doubled in less than a year. The newsletter is emailed directly to members, class bookers and local parents. It is valued as a source of local information by many new parents, including those who have recently moved into the area.

Newsletter advertising opportunities:

One small colour advert in one issue 


Full sponsorship

Includes; your logo at the top of the newsletter, which is also featured on facebook postings and your logo on the NCT Wimbledon & Wandsworth website (NCT website receives 8.2m visits annually).

Email: Advertising.WimbledonandDistrict@nct.org.uk


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