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The Wokingham NCT Newsletter has a distribution of approximately 400 and is distributed free to branch members in and around the Wokingham area.  The demographics of the average NCT member are:

  • 95.7% of NCT Members are female (pregnant and mothers with under 5s) though Newsletters are distributed to homes and are therefore also viewed by partners
  • Age 22 – 45
  • Average income £40,000
  • 71% class themselves as professionals

We publish a newsletter once a quarter, which is a full colour A5 format and includes advertising slots. Advertising is still at our previous pricing as listed below, even though this was based on a black and white format.

Newsletter pricing:

  1. 1/4 page (portrait) = £19.80 for one edition or £71.29 for 4 editions
  2. 1/2 page (landscape) = £36.00 for one edition or £129.60 for 4 editions
  3. Full Page (portrait) = £64.00 for one edition or £233.28 for 4 editions
  4. Full Page + Inside Cover = £84.00 per issue or £302.40 for 4 issues

NOTE: full page and 1/4 page adverts need to be portrait and 1/2 page adverts in landscape.


We also offer the ability for internet advertising via an on-line web directory for the bargain price of £19.20 per year.

As with neighbouring branches, this also allows Facebook advertising/business posts on our business day each month (1st of the month) as a complimentary extra, which is restricted to subscribers to enhance the offer.


Nearly New Sales

Finally, advertising is also possible through leaflets included in our bags at our Nearly New Sales.

We generally have in excess of 350 NCT and non-NCT parents attend our events with leaflets being placed in the carrier bags that each person is given at the sale. Pricing remains at £34 for one sale or £60 for 2 (we generally hold 2 sales a year, one in autumn and one in the spring). Please advise if you'd like to advertise with us for the next sale so that we can confirm leaflet numbers and delivery timings.



If you are interested in sponsoring the newsletter, or any of the events, please contact us at

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