This branch offers antenatal classes for parents to be in order to help them prepare for their new arrival.  These are held regularly in Yeovil and East Lambrook, in the evenings and at weekends.  For information about upcoming courses look at the branch courses page.

Pregnancy can be a time of great excitement, coupled with anticipation and preparation. For any pregnant woman and her partner, it can also be a time of real anxiety. Anxiety about labour, about parenthood, about the forthcoming upheaval in life, and the ability to cope with the changes. An NCT antenatal teacher knows from experience and from training how to prepare for these, sometimes ambivalent, feelings. Antenatal teachers are mothers themselves, so they have been through all or many of the experiences of the new parents they are working with. NCT antenatal classes are designed to confront and explore these feelings, and class attendees are encouraged to share and discuss their hopes, doubts and fears with others. This helps to increase confidence while building a network of mutual support and friendship.

Once all the group's babies are born a reunion can be arranged so everybody can meet the new arrivals and catch up.

Booking classes

Booking of antenatal classes is carried out by a regional Parent Services Administrator, or PSA for short. Fiona Makin covers our branch.
Please see the list of courses currently available on the branch courses page and register your interest using the online form.

What do classes cover?

Our antenatal teachers offer courses over a mix of evenings and weekends, lasting about sixteen hours each, to small groups of pregnant women and couples, during the last three months of pregnancy. The agenda will include aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, but will remain flexible. That flexibility is important because the antenatal teacher is sensitive to the needs and interests of each particular group. Self help techniques such as relaxation and breathing awareness, massage and movement positions for labour will be practised in some detail and information will be imparted using a variety of up to date teaching methods.

Who can come?

Our classes are designed for pregnant women and their partners, but some people prefer to attend on their own or with a friend or relative. You do not need to be a member of the NCT to attend but you will be given the opportunity to join.

How much do classes cost?

Please contact Fiona Makin for the current fees, you can call her on 0844 2436949 or email  The NCT is committed to ensuring everyone has access to our services.  All parents can choose to pay in instalments and we offer subsidised places for parents in receipt of benefits or on low incomes.  Please speak to Fiona in confidence for more details.  

Who takes the course?

The NCT antenatal teachers taking the courses are trained to the highest of standards. The NCT has developed, along with Luton University, a training course that gives women who want to become antenatal teachers the opportunity to take the Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal Teaching.
NCT antenatal teachers are not normally medically qualified (although there are some trained midwives who are also NCT antenatal teachers). Teachers would normally refer women with specific concerns to a midwife or another appropriate health professional.

What happens after a course ends?

Each course has a reunion organised during the course.  This gives the opportunity for parents to meet up once their babies have arrived and discuss their postnatal life.

Is there a course for me?

Our courses run every 6 weeks. All our course are very popular so it is advised that you book in plenty of time.  Please see the list of courses currently available on the branch courses page and register your interest using the online form.

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