Baby Changing Facilities

If you have an iPhone you can now download the NCT’s Babychange App which uses your current location to find the nearest available facilities to change your baby and even includes hygiene reviews! It is well populated for Leeds and Manchester facilities but not so well populated for Skipton… yet! You can submit details yourself so if you come across some great facilities in or around Skipton please upload them to the app! In the mean time, here are some suggestions:

Skipton Town Hall Car ParkFacilities are within the disabled toilet so available to all. Drop down table. No supplies offered. Costs 20p. There are also facilities within the ladies toilets. Facilities are spacious and clean and no supplies are offered. Costs 20p.

Rackhams, High Street, Skipton: Located on1st floor – there is a lift (very small) at the rear of store. Housed within the female toilets (so not great for fathers!), which has a right-angled entrance. There’s a fold down table and no supplies provided.

Beales Store, Swadford Street, Skipton: Facilities are available on 1st floor (lift available) in the disabled toilet. There’s a drop down table and no supplies provided.

St Andrew's Hall, Newmarket Street, SkiptonFacilities are situated in disabled toilet. Hall is usually opened mornings.

Skipton Children's Centre, Brougham Street, SkiptonFacilities are clean and modern. Changing facilities also available at the Family Rooms at Ings Primary School (Broughton Road), Otley Street and Greatwood.

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