A 6.25-hour course. This consists of 5 Monday morning sessions. Our next course commences 11th June 2018. Thereafter commencing 10th September and 5th November 2018.

NCT Baby Massage is our new postnatal course, designed to build your confidence and understanding of this relaxation technique. You will learn a sequence of baby massage strokes that you can use at home or out and about, to suit you and your baby. Massage is one way to connect with your baby and studies have shown that it may help with: Improving bonding and attachment. Building confidence in handling your baby using positive touch techniques. Enabling better communication between you and your baby. Improving your baby's sleep. Strengthening your baby's digestive system and reducing symptoms of wind and constipation.

This course is suitable for babies and their parents or carers from 6 weeks old up until the baby is crawling at around 9 months. So come along, and join our small interactive sessions run by friendly trained facilitators.

Discounts are available for this course; please enquire in confidence about these. Everyone can pay for a course by agreed instalments as long as the final payment is made by the time that the course starts.

If you choose not to attend a course, please join NCT. You'll be supporting our valuable work plus you'll have access to all the other services we provide, for example, social events for you and your baby, early entrance to NCT Nearly New Sales and local meetings. For more information please contact Joanne Oldham. Bookings5l@nct.org.uk 0208 7529 117 or Branch.MidBeds@ct.org.uk

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